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The Head Nurse. [[Open]] 

With a quiet, content sigh, Unohana-sensei sat back on the chair behind the desk in her new office. Warmth from the Spring sunlight tingled pleasantly on her cheeks as it shone through the wide window, a little breeze ruffled her hair slightly as it blew through the small gap she’d opened in it. It was a beautiful day at Iwakiri Academy, the Healer’s favourite kind. The Season of Spring was her ideal time of year, many flowers and useful herbs grew at this time of year, and it made her happy that it was on such a perfect day that she’d been accepted into the new place. With a hushed chuckle, she turned away from the beautiful scene in the frame of glass and towards the paperwork she’d been handed. 

"Papers will follow everywhere there is work, hm?" Unohana said calmly as her deep blue orbs scanned over the information on it.

Name:Unohana Retsu
Job:Head Nurse

 The Nurse couldn’t help but smile at the age reference. Of course, she was far older than the said number of years, but she supposed most humans wouldn’t be able to get their heads around such an age. Besides, it wasn’t as if a respectable woman like herself wanted everyone to know her true age. After reading through the rest of the confirming document, her attention switched to the laptop placed on her desk. It seemed more advanced than the technology she was used to using back at Soul Society, but she had no doubt that the usage was approximately the same as those even though the power sources and programs would be rather different.

On that laptop, Unohana scanned through the profiles of all the students and teachers at the school. She was unsurprised to see many familiar names, albeit a few that made her eyebrows crease into a frown. There were Arrancar here, as well as many others deemed deceased. It was strange to see that those people were here, seemingly alive and well. “This place is stranger than I first thought…” She said aloud before closing the laptop. Even though they were enemies before, it’ll be different here. A Medic must heal whoever is in need of help. She thought, leaning back into the cushioned chair. This suits me just fine. 

Just as she was thinking this, there came a knock at the door. Her first visitor. A warm smile radiated from Unohana as she said: “Come in.”

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